How about…

April 11, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

…abandoning the German language altogether?

I hate where the language is aiming, so why should I still care about it? The fight against gender language sexism has already been lost. It’s hurtful to listen to German news and adrenergic to read their blogs. (Never mind German business websites!) Of course, I still hold up the last candle, but the flame is dying already.

A few years ago I wrote “She Doesn’t Do Girlfriend”, I loved the novel, why wouldn’t I stick to English? Why watching on the sidelines while one political party is claiming the German language for their political gain? And no one cares?

It makes me almost physically sick to watch politicians, businesses and journalists brown-nosing green and red arses!

I can’t stand “-innen” and colons and asteriks and underscores haphazardly dropped into environments they have no deal being in. English speakers probably won’t know what I’m talking of: The German language is facing not a feminist, but a seriously sexist revolution, and I won’t stand for it. What was once beautiful is now ridiculed by wannabe feminists, who turned on the language in lack of any viable idea how to tackle the still existing male dominance im German society.

I’m so fed up with this bunch of green and red feminist hypocrites – and all the politicians and businesses that go along – who have no regards for culture and tradition. They use what people hold dear, to disguise their lack of ideas. Instead of trying to develop workable solutions to make the country a better and safer place for women and girls, they change the subject, and blame the language.

I’m honestly considering to swap languages. Few will miss me and nothing will change, I know that. But I’d gain a peace of mind.

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