Bad Weather Ahead

October 6, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

After a day at Minerva we set off for Ata Island. Despite only 5kn winds it is always better to leave such a dangerous area at a slow pace than to linger around where anchoring is almost impossible. We haven’t been the only ones here, there where five other yachts that have send their dingies to find a spot to fun walk around the remnants of this drowned “nation”.

Considering the low winds, we will take about two days to reach Ata Island, before the area is hit by bad weather. We need to find a safe spot to anchor somewhere to the West of the island or face a severe storm with 40plus winds for several days. It’s the first real challenge we have to master with the new boat. Thankfully I am halfway fit again, and Ken seems to get better by the hour, thanks to his partners incredibly cooking, I guess. We use the time before the weather turns bad to secure everything aboard and double check the systems.