rescue operation on burnt buildings

Fueling The Fire

June 24, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

We decided to take a break from the flights.

Since Cheyenne had to fly back to the States to look after her company for a few days, and my former boss had to bail out a while ago, cause of the energy crises, I decided together with Maze to take a break. My ex-boss, the one I bought the aircraft from, is for sure missing for the rest of the year. She works for the Norwegian energy sector and anybody can imagine, what’s going on there at them moment! So that left Maze and me, and to be perfectly honest: I’m done. Physically, I mean. The last weeks have been really harsh.

And to be even more honest: More and more I think that the people who try to help the refugees were pretty badly let down by the Western states, by the EU and even NATO. To be blunt: There are people who are in desperate need for help, for sure, but what sense does it make to put in our own money and effort, when every single player of this horrific war, has it’s own agenda and there is nobody, except a few private people and a few NGOs.

Everybody else has an agenda that has no other intention than to lengthen the conflict and to inflict maximum damage on the other side. In the West even some NGO’s are desperately trying to force an Ukrainian victory, instead of helping the people by ending this bloody war. Not to mention the Russians, who were the aggressors in the first place. Are we back in the dark ages, where every conflict had to be fought until death?

With every day I get more disillusioned, the more I see and hear from the Ukrainian refugees that arrive in the West. They talk about torture – from Russians AND Ukrainians. Ukrainians talk about Russian atrocities – and Ukrainian iniquities. They talk about how much they hope the Russians will loose. Others of how sincerely they hope the Ukrainian military will loose. What is going on here?

While we work our asses off – for free – the leaders in East and West make not a single step towards peace. To the contrary: Weapons over weapons get send to the frontlines, more and more people get killed, insured or made homeless. Our money and efforts, Cheyenne’s, Maze’s, mine, are used to free up funds to get invested in weapons.

And the media? The same way the Russian state media misinforms their people and those of their allies, the “free” Western media has deteriorated to propaganda instruments for the Ukrainian side and the US, UK and EU governments.

Something is very wrong here.

Major players – aside from Putin’s Russia, who began the shooting war – are the usual suspects: the US and the UK. Especially sad is that the German government made a big step back from its post war politics and now promotes the war effort. At least France makes a – kind of – effort to engage in high level talks.

The price is payed, as usual, not only by ordinary people who try to help, but everybody else too: High prices, energy crises, unemployment, hunger. First hints towards higher taxes. Everywhere in the world, even in the “wealthy” so called first world countries. And the governments in Europe and the US don’t care about the worlds population; they don’t give a fucking damn even about their own people who they swore to serve and protect.

And my friends and me are some of the idiots who help to fund this criminal war mongering, by doing the government’s work, so that they, in turn, send even more weapons right into a war zone. Or to offer the Ukraine a fast tracked EU membership. Or basically double NATO’s border to Russia by accepting Finland as a new member. Or by cutting off some of Russia’s supply lines to it’s enclave Kaliningrad, which amounts to meddling with its inner affairs, which can be not explained by legally imposed sanctions. All of these actions lead directly to cutting off Western gas supplies.

To be perfectly clear: There is no excuse for starting a shooting war, but on the other hand there is no excuse for ignoring Russia’s reasons either, and especially not for fueling the burning fire in the Ukraine.

The West usually prides itself as a champion of diplomacy – this time the EU and most of the governments went berserk with no regard towards their citizens and the whole human race. Instead of fighting the big problems of our time – populism, viruses, climate change – they fight a war no one can win. And therefore sealing the fate of us all.

I’m not pro Russia – Heaven no! – but I admit that during my work with the refugees I came to the conclusion, that the Ukraine is not as innocent as Mr. Selenskyj is so heroically pretending. But that’s for another day.

No, I need a break, we need a break. We decided to go on holiday and think things over for two months. Maybe by then the situation has changed somehow, and we can in good conscience resume our work, without the bad aftertaste of being utilised by our governments so that they can fuel the fire even more.