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Maybe Elon Musk Was Right After All

August 5, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

I’m still talking. Still holidaying. Still in the Caribbean. Watching Europe from afar. I’m having a lot of fun with old, not so old and new lovers out here. I realise this is just what I needed.

What I don’t need, however, is the lies that spill over from Europe. I can’t stand the hypocritical journalists no more. I can’t stand the cheating politicians no more. Especially those who want to force us to talk and write the way they see the world. To educate us. Instead of doing their job. Which is representing us. Or so the constitutions say.

How come that they always think they know what we want best? Peace, warmth and a society that favours talks over war would be nice? How come that the very same people that always told us that there is nothing more important than peace, now pretend that weapons is what Europe needs? That the very same people that told us the pest of our time is the weapons industry, now utilise them to produce the most deadly weapon systems one can think of?

And what about free speech in the West? Don’t get me started… How can you charge someone for promoting others that are alleged of crimes they haven’t even convicted for?

Did these politicians cheat us to vote for them? Big time! They pretend to be liberals and humanitarians, but turn out not only to be hypocrites, but politicians that ignore the very principles of democracy and decency.

And what about the things we, the people, believe in? Are we still aloud to voice them? Oh yes, we are! But we’re running the risk of getting ousted for racism, sexism, fascism or whatever ism politics and journalists make us believe to be the salvation of society. In reality cancel culture is nothing else than a potent way to keep us, the masses, under control.

Well, yes, I should stay where I am. It’s nice, quiet and warm in the Caribbean. Sometimes there are storms, but they are honest and foreseeable. And they are always gone in a few hours. Modern liberalism is going to stay too long for my taste. I don’t fit this modern Europe no more. I’m going to keep holidaying forever.

I am the black sheep of the humanitarian left that is disgusted by the discovery that so-called liberalism is just the phoney wrap that contains the radical curriculum of the high-minded avant-guard. Invented to bully us to blind consent. Maybe Elon Musk was right after all.