No Fish At Ono-Island

September 4, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

We reached Ono-Island in the evening. It is just a spit from Beqa, but we had to beat the North-Easterly wind which the boat does surprisingly well. It almost feels like a more than double the price Hallberg-Rassy. The weather hasn’t changed much although there is no rain at the moment.

Gernot is a really good cook even in this rather small galley. We had fish for the third day in a row, fresh fish, and it still tasted great. I had requested something different for today, though. (Just to make sure that I won’t grow gills anytime soon.) Gernot and Mazes’ argument: You can’t have enough stock on an extended voyage. Ya, well, I can only take so much fish…