Or is it?

May 25, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

The hangar is empty. It still feels strange that I have my own keys for the airport and the hangar doors. Important though, that I know where to find the coffee maker. My demon bought a new one for the boys here, since their old crappy household style machine spat out only this thin, black coloured mock-up. The new one works like a charm. You only have to press a button. For the first serve you have to wait for twenty minutes though, and then it’s ready to roll for the day. At least that’s less time than most men need for a dump.

Anyway, the mug is filled with real coffee now, and I’m reading about the Texas school massacre and children that got shot in the face. (Why are we so interested if the perv shot 13 or 18 kids anyway? What difference does it make for the reader?)

I’m strangely disconnected to all things violence, I realise. Since I hear the stories of the refugees day by day, it seems to me that violence, cruelties and injuries are quite normal for us as a species. We get children and we get them injured or killed. They got limbs ripped of by shrapnels in the Ukraine or shot in the face in Texas. There is a short outcry and we send more weapons to the war zones in Europe. Or we go to our local store in Dallas and by a shiny new one for ourselve. We’re ruthless when it comes to weapons. Because arming others or ourselves is God’s will.

Everything arms is God’s will, that’s why the US constitution is quite clear about weapons. Is it not? The same way as it is clear about abortion, is it not? One should not kill anything, it says. In Oklahoma not even a fertilised egg. (By the way: Does it really say this: “You shall not murder a fertilised egg”?)

In Texas and Oklahoma you can now sue the taxi driver who took someone to the abortion clinic. But you can not sue the manufactorer or dealer of the gun that was used to shoot your kid in the face. Or the parents of the killer for that matter. Strange world. But what isn’t anyway? We’re a species of imperfect beings. Opposed to “made in God’s image”, as the Bible states so brazenly.

Anyway, I need a second coffee, before the guys arrive. And I need to get the image of primary school children that got shot in the face out of my head. To make room for the disabled Ukrainians who got raped by soldiers. However, I’m hoping it’s not that bad today. Maybe I just pick up some nice blind people who only lost their homes and their support system, and flee the violence.

That’s not that bad. Or is it?