Sisyphean task

May 31, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

Social media are the worst as far as  relatable people go. (But we’re all using Twitter, Facebook and Co. What does this say about us?)

Since I am more active on Twitter these days – Facebook is MUCH worse – I thought about what kind of people, or let’s say: what kind of  behaviour I despise most in users, and I came up with some clear ideas.

Firstly it’s women with not a shred of humour! Their urge to discuss everything and it’s uncle makes them the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever encountered. They are so unforgivably nerve-racking that I HAVE to block them the second they appear in order not to loose my sanity. One shouldn’t react in any other way or else they spoil one’s day in seconds. Yuck! They are even worse than the second group, which is:

Sex crazed men. It’s the kind of guys that has sperm smeared notebooks and premium memberships with Pornhub. They comment every post you write not only with sexual references, but they also believe that whatever filthy stupidity their little brain ejaculates was inciting vaginal wetness in the women they stalk. If not for the humourless do-gooders they would lead my list by far!

The third kind are women that believe you are a superior being and call you “Mistress”. DON’T. EVER. TALK. TO. THEM! Kick them the minute they appear! Don’t get the idea that they believe a second what they are telling you. If you act your true self, they show theirs. Wimps will be wimps – always. (Did I mention that I can’t stand wimps?)

And then there are people that believe they’re funny. (If they only were!) They smear your every post with stupid gifs or wannabe mysterious comments. I believe they they can only laugh about they’re own brain bile.

Last but far from least there are commentators (mostly women, I’m afraid) that get you wrong half the time. They get angry for absolutely no fucking reason. I haven’t yet figured out how they survive with half a brain. Those, however, you can just ignore. They won’t understand any explanation either. Or if they do, they wouldn’t believe it.

The problem with Twitter – and in extension with all social media – is that really funny, intelligent and relatable people are rare. To find them is a Herculean task. Or sometimes a Sisyphean one.