Wasted on men

May 29, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

What a day this was!

It was my first fuck for quite a while in a bathroom. It was in Samedan, Switzerland. Quite a small airport, serving the ski ressort of St. Moritz. Well, yesterday it wasn’t about wintersports.

Somehow we got hooked on the idea.

We made a short hop to St. Stephan, an even smaller airfield, and did it again. That was really fun! Especially because they don’t have many bathrooms there, and the one we found was just a door and a bowl. Of course some people saw us walking in there together. The residents knew it wasn’t to powder our noses, since the room unfortunately lacked a mirror. And it didn’t look especially soundproof either.

The weather was amazing, and after two pretty awesome orgasms the view of Geneva Lake from 20,000 feet above is somehow even more impressive.

Two hours later we fucked in France. At a major airport, in Lille, this time. I don’t know what befell us, but this day, the weather, the view of the alps and the forbidden made me horny like a rabbit after winter season. I came the second she touched me.

In Zurich we barely made it out of the aircraft. Actually – we didn’t. It took ages until the car arrived, at least it felt like, and we sent off the passengers with an excuse, and fucked right there in the cabin. We didn’t even bother to lower the blinds.

Reflecting at the hotel bar I believe we needed this marathon after all the war horrors that we had to listen to in the past weeks.

And that this crazy “straight” business woman is a really great fuck certainly helped. Whether she reconsiders her sexual preferences after yesterday remains to be seen. I certainly believe she’s wasted on men.

A day that left me 20 years younger