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Do you have bad days too?

July 20, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

A friend asked me how I was emotional wise. This was my answer:


Well, there are a lot of things that bug me at the moment. It’s the war, of course, it’s climate change, it’s the politicians, it’s all the idiots that are at least fifteen years younger than me, and think they know everything… It’s the words inclusive and sustainable, it’s the “gendern” nonsense and the apparent urge of the younger generation to change the German language to something ludicrous. It’s the prudery of the society, it’s mothers and parents and children, it’s social media in general and the idiots that use them in particular, its journalists who think their job is to re-educate instead of reporting… It’s the rebirth of extreme religion, the rights religious fanatics take from women, its the men who think they are allowed to tell us what to wear, and what to do with our bodies. But its also the enablers that think religious freedom allows the conditioning of girls. There is no “freedom” for girls when they live their life like a letterbox only because they were taught that it was the right thing to do. It’s psychological abuse, no more no less. And when they tell me I was conditioned too, only because I am allowed to choose what I wear by myself… How I despise all these people! But its also the letters people add to LGBT until it gets really ridiculous, its the way people regulate what I’m allowed to say by calling me names for a single word that perhaps wouldn’t fit their narrow view of the world. When I see the gun violence that soars everywhere, and still the shooting games are less of an evil than the female body. Its Trump and Musk, the Tea Party and the Supreme Court. And obviously its the idiots that chase my friends. (An insider, sorry.) I don’t know where to start and where to stop; I apparently forgot half of the stuff that makes me noxious.

I probably have reached the age that I stopped caring. When you ask how am I emotional wise, I have to admit that I don’t fucking care anymore what kind of planet, what kind of society, peoples children inherit. They are not my children, and the selfish parents who subject children to this idiot way of life, and to a heating planet, and to wars that inevitably come – it is their fault to have them, not mine. I really fucking don’t care anymore. For a thousand reasons. I try to have fun in my life, as long as this failing body of mine damns me to. I’m not even sure if I start flying refugees anymore. I’m just so full of disappointment. Maybe I stop using social media altogether and I cancel reading the news. Life will be a lot better without all the nonsense that’s going on.

How’s that for emotional?