22 Years Are Enough. I Guess.

August 17, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

We’re back in Nassau. Maze and Cheyenne are leaving for NYC in the morning. Now it’s just Ken, his partner and me. The crew will start cleaning the rented boat while we sail it back to Miami.

We save Maze some decent money by returning the yacht a week early. (As if she cares… 🙄) It was almost two months anyway. One thing I learned – although I figured it before: I definitely don’t like power yachts.

Maze and I made our final decision not to return to Norway, just two days ago. I will, however, make a stop over in Notodden to meet my dad (hopefully my sis too) before I follow Maze for Fiji. In the end it was always the plan to just take a break from our circumnavigation, not to stop it completely. Now we continue where we left off. Well, not exactly at the same spot, but at a ship yard in Fiji. (We broke it up at Kiribati.) There is, however, a problem with our boat, the yard told us. That’s why Maze heads there early.

One thing seems to be certain: I won’t return to aviation. I flew for some 22 years, some serious heavy metal on the way. It’s a pity that I bought my own private airplane just a few months ago and have to sell it again so soon. But what can you do? I consider selling my vintage planes too. (A Bonanza and a Texan anyone?)

I feel like it is the beginning of the second half of my life (like becoming a pensioner, I guess). A little early for a 39-year-old, right? But again: What can you do when life strucks? I will certainly try to stay active. And I will write, write, write, now that I have time. In English, since German became such a ridiculous language, and the country somewhat self destructs. I always felt more English than German anyway (Should I move the proxy server too?) Now I’m neither anymore, I guess. A little American, because of my wife, and a little Norwegian because of the place I officially live in. They say I’m a cosmopolite. I’m not so sure. I feel like being left in a nowhere land (on my own accord, of course). Maze and I talk about becoming Norwegian. Officially.

We’ll see.