Booby Thoughts

September 15, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

What kind of boobs do you like best? Well, it’s not a real question. We can’t decide how our tits look like, can we? But I, for example, never really liked concrete-like boobs. Soft is my preference. Tits that I can lift – at least a little make me crazy. They should feel like women’s tits. It probably has to do with my preference for women, not girls. Women have to be at least ten to fifteen years older to interest me sexually and intellectually.

It’s a day later when I continue to write on this blog entry (it’s Thursday already). When I think about why I started out with the subject of boobs, I come to realise that it’s my latest phone call with Joana that steers my thoughts towards the subject. No, we didn’t talk about tits (neither hers nor mine). We were discussing her latest business ventures, and she was raving about the new property she bought close to Santa Barbara. A second home that is. And, of course, she was enthusing about her new movie projects. This is Joana running high on adrenalin. Meaning there is no chance for me to meet her tits anytime soon.

The reason for her rediscovered workaholic genes is this new guy, that is, by the way, a really nice pal. Unfortunately, he seems to have a lot of influence on her working habits. I guess Joana is speeding up to run out the aging process that she thinks has such a grueling influence on her dating prospects. That is, needless to state, pure bullshit. With over 50 she can have men (and women) of all ages, shapes and sizes. For quickies, affairs and long-lasting relationships. She is still one of the most admired beauties on the planet. However, leaving all her shining awesomeness aside, Joana has a very complex personality and with her nine-figure net worth a demanding one as well. I guess I’m the only person allowed to criticize her on a constant basis. And I’m in the habit of making good use of it. No, I won’t lose her over it, she needs someone to speak in plain language to her, but this workaholic crap cuts back the time I can touch her tits!

Anyway… We’re finally on route to the Ono-i-Lau islands, some 50 miles (nm) to the South.