Congratulation is in order

May 24, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

I just signed the purchase contract for my first aircraft. I’m still absorbing the fact how much money I’m supposed to pay now. Me. Myself.

To be clear: It’s not the first (or only) small plane I own, it’s just the first one that I pay for myself. Usually my demon is in charge of stuff like this. She bought the Bonanza for me, and the Texan was her gift too. She is a fucking self made multi millionaire, that makes purchasing aircrafts a little easier. (Or maybe she’s just hells favourite torturer, and it’s the guy who’s name is not to be mentioned, who made her rich?)

Be it as it may, this time I paid – or I’m going to pay – with my own hard earned money. Congratulation is in order, isn’t it? Of course I’m going to pay up the credit until the end of my days, but anyway: It feels great! Especially because no one had to act as a guarantor! Not even my sister! Isn’t it amazing? Of course, that I bought the aircraft under value helped. And it is a complicated contract that involves the bank, the previous owner, the insurance company, and some restrictions who is allowed to fly and where and… Blablabla… Purchasing an expensive almost new aircraft can be more complex than buying half a chicken. Main point: It’s signed now and I’m happy!

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