Do Oceans Menstruate?

October 19, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

It was 8 days now that we’ve arrived at Tonga. First we had to wait out the storm then the following low winds. Seems the Pacific wants to show us its bitchy side. Do oceans menstruate? However, we had fresh vegetables the whole time, which is great stuff! It not only spared us Gernots fish obsession, but we bunkered water and fuel and got rid of the waste. Weather-wise we should be good to go towards the end of the week. While there will be some isolated thunderstorms, we will have to sail before next week when the forecasts again warn of 40+ winds in the area. I guess this is just a harmless little pre-taste of what we will encounter in a few weeks when we finally enter the real South Pacific. Talking about South… Our next destination isn’t an island, actually it isn’t anything. Anything at all. Except for the water which is, of course, everywhere. Water, skies and clouds. After a little discussion and some serious headshaking from Maze, we (I) decided to aim for the spot where in 1970 the capsule of Apollo 13, after its failed moon landing and the crews dramatic rescue, finally plunged in the Pacific. As I said, there is nothing to see at the spot, but I like this stuff and I love the idea to have been there 52 years later.