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Don’t Get Agitated

January 9, 2023 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

Traveling is not for me anymore. Meaning the kind of traveling where you have to surrender yourself to the mercy of others. Like airports, jets, busses, trains and stuff. Traveling for days on end; whatever awaits me at the end of the journey: I get agitated and aggressive. I did this twice now in the matter of a week. I’m giving up. I can’t walk properly, can’t even talk the way I used to. Forget about sex. At all. I can’t even kiss. My body is a fucking mess. I won’t even mention my head. Eating becomes a difficult and complicated business, drinking too. I’m too young for this shit! The lesson I learned from these trips: Don’t get agitated or stressed or you suffer. I always thought that stress as a source of suffering is a stupid tale! It apparently isn’t. At least not always.

Traveling … Leave me alone! Although I got several offers in the LA area, after my Sylvester gig. Of course, tits always work, I can’t think of anything else that had elevated the audience or is there? If it is so easy to please, why do these modern DJs still play this shitty “dance” crap? There is some pretty awesome Pop around today. One must only open eyes and ears to recognize it. And there is fine vintage music that ages with dignity. You can even dare to play Alternative, Indy or even some Jazz stuff. Maybe the guests for the night and I wear simply too old to grasp what DJs call music these days?

I wanted to write about this gig in the beginning, what happened there and how I liked it, but this has to wait, until I’m better. At the moment I don’t feel like dancing.

Anyway … You won’t get me off this boat anytime soon. Unless they have to evacuate my body to a bloody hospital. You don’t want to read this? Hard luck! This is my diary, therefore I’m the boss here, got it? You don’t have to read what you don’t like!

Meanwhile my first short story compilation got published (e-book first, paperback soon to follow). It’s a German language book, as usual. The name of the compilation: Lesbische und andere Frauenspiele (Lesbian and Other Games Women Play). I have only written one book in English so far. It’s a novel: She Doesn’t Do Girlfriend (which will be translated to German soon). You find all my books on Amazon.

If you like to read my daily banter however: