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First World Problems

December 7, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

We now have ten souls aboard, including me.

We took on new sailors: Bernadette (Bernie) and Ethan from the US, and Liam, who is from England. Of course, there is the basic crew – Maze (US), Ken (UK), Gernot (GER) and me (NOR). We have paying guests on the boat: You’ve probably heard about Cheyenne (US) who is sort of a permanent guest, partly even a learning sailor. There are the new guests Camille and Bruce, a couple from France, and Gabrielle from the US. Camille and Bruce intend to stay until we reach South America – we will see about that, it’s rather long term – and Gabrielle is on a short visit till Christmas.

The boat, however, does not have enough space for all. The sailors have to share bunks according to their shifts, which is rather common for sailing boats, though.

The new guests, or rather one of them, complicate my life a little. Now I can’t decide to whom I need to concentrate my effort: Cheyenne or the new arrival Gabrielle. What springs to mind is that Gabrielle would be the natural choice, especially because she stays only for a couple of weeks while Cheyenne will not leave anytime soon. My demon, however, thinks I should still go for Cheyenne; she’s afraid that it will put her off in the end if I’d lose objective … But considering that Cheyenne is a straight woman, and therefore I can’t be sure if I ever … You know … Gabrielle, however, is bi and easy prey … She came alone, leaving her boyfriend back home, that can only have one reason …

Fuck! What should I do? Considering that I’m in urgent need for a body that looks, feels and smells different to Maze’s hell bound features … Well, that isn’t even all to it! I really am into Cheyenne, and I can’t stand Gabrielle. But Gabrielle’s body would be just what I need right now! What did I write on Telegram the other day? First world problems …

I need to call Joana. She always knows what to do!