Galoa Island

September 5, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

Although we wanted to stay at least a day longer at Ono Island, we took advantage of the turning winds and crossed over to Kadavu Island and sailed some 70 miles around it. We arrived as planned in the evening at Galoa, a small island close to the South coast, surrounded by sand banks. Maneuvering through was astonishingly easy with our rather big yacht. We found a nice place to anchor securely. It’s fucking beautiful here! (Fortunately, our cook wasn’t able to fish today!)

Maze demands at least a day at anchor to install a second furler. Being able to not only furl the Genoa but the jib as well sounds worth another stay in paradise to me!

I have the new sailors clean the deck for the first time tomorrow. (We really have to do this more often!) Cheyenne and I are going to explore the sandbanks to the South with the dinghy. (Maze: “I kill you if you fucking loose the bloody boot!”)