August 15, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

Commenting a Twitter post is not a good idea. Especially not for a woman.

When I commented on a video of an airliner doing a sideslip landing in 40+ winds  – a very dangerous maneuver to be avoided at any cost – a bunch of guys began mansplaining. In their eyes it was pretty cool stuff and displayed the skill of the pilot.

Well, it is neither. We train this sort of thing extensively – as a last resort.

Landing in winds above the demonstrated crosswinds for an aircraft model – or even below – is not only dangerous, but shows a lack of situational awareness in my book. (Off the top of my head I can’t think of a model certified for 40+.)

The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) about crosswind landings: “Takeoffs and landings in certain crosswind conditions are inadvisable or even dangerous. If the crosswind is great enough to warrant an extreme drift correction, a hazardous landing condition may result.” The FAA is advising to divert to another airport. (That’s what fuel reserves are for.)

Aviation is all about security. We don’t do this kind of landing unless we absolutely have to. We just don’t. When a pilot tries to land at an airport with a high risk of strong crosswinds instead of diverting, I let him fail the check ride. It’s not as harsh with every airline, but with ours it certainly is.

Coming back to the point: The guys who commented my remark seems to know better than a female air transport- and check pilot. Worse, their language was unmistakably harassing and centered on the idea that I was “just another girl” posting erotic pictures.

Mansplained at its best: A bunch of male non-pilots explaining an ATP how aviation works. If it wasn’t so sad and ridiculous it was almost funny. You bet if I was a man, they would have asked me instead of being such arrogant dumbasses.

But this, exactly this, is one of the major points why I don’t let them use me as their dick garage.

I deleted all my comments on this subject on Twitter. I don’t need this kind of social media harassment in my life. Especially not from dim-witted male wannabes.