Mine Are the Nights

September 12, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

It’s Tuesday, around 1.30 in the morning, the boat is perfectly lit by the waning moon and myriads of stars. There are little clouds that hinder the view. The boat’s anchor sits steadfast. I’m alone in the open cockpit; Francis, the sailor who is on watch with me, snores loudly at the bow. I checked and decided to let him sleep. His job is hard enough. I’m wide awake anyway. Mine are the nights.

We had planned to leave the island on Tuesday, but on request of Maze and Ken we will stay on. We expect nice and warm weather tomorrow – 28c are forecasted – so they wished for another day at Vatoa reef. Maze says she is as addicted to diving as I am to aircrafts. Ya, well, to each his own.

A few hours ago, I had a chat with Joana, so I am sexually satisfied. However, sitting here together with Cheyenne would be a nice addition for the night, but she sleeps like everybody else on board. Maze and Ken went to their respective cabins right after dinner, they obviously had an exhausting day at the reef (although they were supposed to do the day watch). Gernot the cook went to bed after doing the dishes, while Candice, the other sailor we hired in Suva, didn’t even make it to dinner. She had been awake for more than twenty-four hours – the watch schedule has gone out the window, thanks to Maze’s and Ken’s diving addiction.

Cheyenne left me two hours ago. She isn’t part of the boat’s routine, she’s our guest, and therefore not obliged to adhere to any of the boat’s schedules. However, she does help with ongoing tasks that is appreciated by everybody. Tonight, for example, she had helped in the kitchen.

Talking about Cheyenne… Once you get to know her better, you discover that her stone-cold business demeanour is nothing more than a mask to help her to get things done in the still male dominated fashion world. If you get to know her privately, you very much instantly realise that she basically is a little girl trapped in a businesswoman’s mind. She is soft spoken, laughing and smiling all day. She dances with or without music, she isn’t just doing things, she enjoys them; she has crushes and draws little hearts around names, she reads romance novels and lives and dies with the words – I actually have no idea how she prevails in business! And that she does! After selling her immensely successful company, she already draws up a plan for her next business venture. On a little boat in the bloody middle of the Pacific!

The only thing that stops me from fucking this wonder woman is the stupid fact that she is straight. What a shame!