Puff the Magic Dragon

October 27, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

While having a stopover at Palmerston Island, I watched the ridiculousness that happend in Britain these last days.

Actually, not only the UK is a victim of the new reality of idiocracy, but half of the world. However, concentrating on the stupidity that engulfs the countries one knows a little better helps to get a rough idea on what derails the Western societies in the first place. The rise of Trump like figures not only in the US, but in half the world, isn’t something that happens out of the blue. When you follow the news, and you’re wondering why unexpectedly people like Kanye West or Elon Musk carry the torch of radical populism, you can’t avoid the why question. Don’t look any further, every mirror in your home gives you the answer: It’s you. Not you alone, of course, but all the others who care for a better and fairer society are producing those people.

Why is that?

Take Germany, for example, the country I know best, except for Britain and the US. You may think it is promoting a liberal or fair society, out of the ruins of its history.

Far from it.

In the eyes of the world Germany carries the torch of freedom of speech and liberalism; if you look a little closer you soon find out that half of its people rather keep their opinion to themselves than to utter it in the open.

Why?, you ask?

When a big political party constitutes half the government and controls ninety percent of the media landscape, it’s no wonder journalists are able to spread their cancel culture via every form of media into every part of society. As media creators decide what’s right and what’s wrong, companies and institutions follow suit. Professional journalists create a political correctness to which people have never signed up for in the first place.

Until it all goes up in smoke.

But don’t you worry, puff the magic dragon, lay back and relax: Cannabis is legalized soon. Like it or not, at least the reality won’t bother you any longer.

Have a laugh, and let stupidity rule.