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Talking About Music

February 1, 2023 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

Still at Gambier Islands. At the moment my condition keeps us anchored. Although sometimes boring, we have a lot of fun too. It’s quite a nice islands. We do excursions and try out every café and restaurant (spoiler: there aren’t many). There are markets, great bars, festivities and lots of nice people.

I write a lot, my books come along nicely. I reopened the “Andrea’s”, my German language all female FB group, that’s a lot of fun too. I’m reconnecting to old FB friends. I have found a new passion: listening to jazz music. I always thought this music isn’t for me, but I guess every audiophile has to find it’s own jazz niche, to get satisfied with this awesome kind of music. More about it sometime later.

Talking about music … I promised to tell you more about New Years Eve. In the end there isn’t really much to talk about. I was asked to dj two stints at the venue in Beverly Hills. Finally I got a stint from 10.30 to 11.30 and later from 1 in the morning to 2.30. I was the second headliner for the evening – the main headliner was a man – of course. I admit he does the sounds people want to hear for midnight. But I’m really happy to have had the spots they’d given me. Actually I was amazed that they’d even asked me to dj for the party a second time. And it was NOT because I dance topless. I had to ask them, if I was allowed to. Happily I was. Anyway … I was asked if I was available for other parties too. That means, finally, that people like to listen to real music too! Mostly not to good music, of course, but at least to danceable pop music. (I just hate the kind of “music” you are forced to listen to in the clubs, these days.)

How do you like today’s club music?