The Sandbank Incident

September 6, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

The wind has calmed to nearly zero that gave Maze the perfect opportunity to work with the jib. Almost as ordered. Tomorrow, we expect 10kn ENE. Again, the perfect weather for us to beam out through the sandbanks only by the power of the moderate Pacific winds.

Talking about sandbanks… We did it, Cheyenne and I! It happened this morning (Fiji time). We stood in the middle of the ocean – the next solid ground almost 2 miles away – waist deep on moving sand in rolling waves, surrounded by the cackles of dolphins and the screaming of seagulls! Awesome!

I did something else: After we stood kind of stable for a few seconds, I grabbed her by the shoulders, turned her around and kissed her. Just like that. She didn’t budge, instead she opened her lips just a little while holding me in an effort to keep me upright, because the Williams boat that was connected to my vest, rolling in the 3 feet waves, was trying to pull me away. Finally, I had to let lose to grab the line with both hands to keep the dinghy and me from vanishing in the current.

She didn’t mention the event until this afternoon.

“Why did you do this?”, Cheyenne asked, handing me a coffee.

“Because I wanted to.”

“You do know that I’m straight, yes?”

I nodded, and after a while I added: “Who cares?”

“It was nice”, she smiled: “Don’t do this again!”

“I don’t do promises”, I grinned back.

She didn’t answer, scrolling through Kens latest underwater photos instead.