Yellow, Except Not Yellow

September 27, 2022 By Andrea Downey-Lauenburg

Maze can’t complain anymore about the time she has gotten to finish the boat.

We didn’t move an inch in a while that already feels like an eternity. I can’t move an inch either, confined to my cabin with a bloody disease that had hit Ken and myself coming from the yacht where we had watched the Queens funeral together with other Brits. Annoying, and definitely hurtful to our travel schedule.

The captain of the motoryacht just informed us that they had raised the yellow flag meanwhile. NOW they did… (The flag informes others that a boat has a disease aboard, but no one needs help, and the boat is ready to go.) Yeah, we’re ready to go too. Except for the fact that the three officers aboard won’t interact with others, because they’re either sick or had contact with each other. So the boat stays where it is for another few days. Nice one.

(Most unnerving: I can’t work on my relationship with the steadfast straight beauty Cheyenne!)

And what’s the moral of it all? Don’t meddle with other humans.

Like ever!